Beyond the Ninth Wave

A Study Group for Those on a Druidic Path




What is available at Beyond the Ninth Wave?


Tuition Based Courses

  • Mastering Draíocht

  • Druidism Shamanism



    Classes and Courses Available with annual membership

    ·         Living Druidism – General Discussion


    ·         THE RELIGION OF THE ANCIENT  CELTS by John Arnott MacCulloch

    ·         Gods & Fighting Men – Read & Discuss

    ·         Cath Maige Tuired – Read & Discuss

    ·         Voyage of Mael Duin – Read & Discuss

    ·         Stories and Deities  – Read & Discuss

    • o   A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland

    • o   The Wooing of Etain 

    • o   Trystan and Esyllt

    • o   Tlachtg Earth Spear

    • o   The Story of the Tuatha de Danann    

    • o   The Sons of Tuireann Part I Book II 

    • o   The Landing of the Milesians in Ireland

    • o   The Lament of the Old Woman of Breare

    • o   The Great Battle of Magh Tuireadh Part I Book III

    • o   The Four Jewels of the Tuatha de Danann 

    • o   The First Battle of Magh Tuiredh

    • o   The Fate of the Children of Turenn

    • o   The Exile of the Sons of Usnech

    • o   The Dagda 

    • o   Battle of Tailltin 

    • o   The Awakening of Ulster

    • o   The Tale of the Dagda's Harp

    • o   Sinann    

    • o   Reign of Bres    

    • o   Pwyell and Arawn

    ·         Book of Invasions – Read & Discuss

    ·         Metrical Dindshenchas  – Read & Discuss

    ·         Voyages – Read & Discuss

    • o   The Voyage of the Hui Corra

    • o   The Voyage of Snedgus and Mac Ríagla 

    • o   Voyage of St Brandan

    • o   Voyage of Bran Mac Febal

    • o   Voyage of Mael Duin

    ·         Alexei Kondratiev Lorekeepers Course – Read & Discuss

    ·         Northern European Studies – Read & Discuss

    • o   Prose Edda

    • o   Freyja and the Lay of Hyndla

    • o   Erik the Red Saga

    • o   Poetic Edda - Bellows

    • o   Grottasongr

    • o   Volsunga Saga