Beyond the Ninth Wave

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Druidic Shamanism

Learn Druidic Shamanism in a Three Level Course

Druidic Shamanism brought to you by Deanne Quarrie, D.Min.


Shamanism (a term borrowed from the Tungus tribes of Siberia but now used as a universal concept) exists and has existed all over the world for thousands of years. It has been shown that shamanic experiences and practices are found in almost all native cultures.


We are currently experiencing a revival in this modern age. Tom Cowan tells us that “shamans can voluntarily enter a unique visionary state of consciousness in which they experience a journey into non-ordinary realms of existence where they acquire knowledge and power for their own use or for others in their community.” This description is appropriate for what is known as Core Shamanism.


Core Shamanism comes to us without a specific set of beliefs or clearly defined spiritual practices.

There is no reason to doubt that the Celtic tribes practiced shamanism as well. We have quite a bit of information on the history of the Celts as well as their early spiritual belief systems. A great many people identify today as coming from Celtic origins and so we are seeing a revival in spiritual practices known to identified as Celtic. It is very clear that the Druids practiced shamanic techniques and were called upon to journey to the Otherworld in search of help for the people they served. The British Isles still has her “sin-eaters” those who cured the sick whose origins come from before their Christian presentation.

Druidic Shamanism is taught through Beyond the Ninth Wave which is the Druidic arm of The Apple Branch. It will be taught in three, 11 week sessions. Level One will focus on the basis of Celtic Spiritual Landscape and basic technique. Level Two brings a deeper look at the three levels of the Otherworld and their plains as well as healing techniques for self and Level Three delves deeper into healing others as well as soul retrieval.


Level One – Celtic Philosophy and Shamanic Technique 
Level Two – Personal Healing and Growth - Travelling the Celtic Worlds 
Level Three – Serving your Community