Beyond the Ninth Wave

A Study Group for those on a Druidic Path

Ninth Wave




Beyond the Ninth Wave is a part of The Apple Branch with more of a focus on Celtic and Druidic studies.  We offer online programs created for the purpose of studying the Celtic and Northern European people and their Druids with the idea of taking this knowledge and applying it to our lives today.  We offer General Celtic Studies and as well as our premier program, Mastering Draíocht. In our work we honor the ancestors, revere the nature spirits, and celebrate the gods and goddesses of our Tribe. We are working om a program in Druidic Shamanism.

We incorporate a way of life that is based on the beliefs and practices of the ancient Celtic people. Our teachings evolve from the shamanistic philosophies of the early people who merged to form the Celts and Northern Tribes. Thus, our ways are deeply rooted in the ways of nature and the Otherworld, a belief structure centered on the concept of "balance in all things."

Our cosmos is made up of three interconnected realms...Land, Sea and Sky interwoven with the Sacred Fire, the Divine Spark within all living and non-living beings. We live within and honor the Lunar Cycles as well as the Cycle of the Solar Year, that Great Spiral that guides us in our daily life.